12 Scaven clanrats

My first finished miniatures

It’s done, my first miniatures are finished. Today I finished the bases. I’d like to mention, that these are my very first miniatures I have ever built and painted. I thought that this would be a good first post to my blog, hence the honour for them to grace the first entry.

What you see are 12 Scaven clanrats from the Warhammer starter-kit “Blood Isles”.

The process of painting has been pretty long. It took me almost five months from my first brushstroke until I finally finished them. In the beginning, I had no idea how to deal with the subject of “miniature painting”. For hours and hours I read and watched as many tutorials as I could get my hands on. Painting however took second place. I have also tried different painting techniques until I found a style that I like. I would guess, that it took me about three to four hours per miniature from start to finish. I hope, that in the future it will take me less time with better results. Still, I am very proud of my first painted miniatures.

Enough of a preamble. Here are the pictures. I will be happy to read your comments. To enlarge the pictures, just click on them.

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