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In my wargames-blog I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts with the world about strategic wargames, called “Kriegsspiele” in my native German.

Beforehand, I feel I need to mention that I have discovered this to me very fascinating subject only shortly before Christmas 2014.A lot of people have tackled this subject for many years or decades. That’s clearly not my case. I am by no means an expert and have only little, if any, experience. I will therefore tell you about my subjective impressions and thoughts. You might agree or disagree with them. In any case, I am looking forward to receiving your feedback, comments and having discussions about the subject.

I am planning to publish the blog in different languages. Any article or comment by myself will be published in different languages. In my mother tongue German, in French, the language of my adopted place of residence and in English, the language of the home of wargames. Sometimes some time might pass between the original article posting and its translated apparition on the website although I will try and get the translations online in a timely manner.

Hence I hope to bridge gaps between the pretty different cultures when it comes to wargaming. In the short period of time that I have busied myself with the subject I discovered, that the level of propagation but also the view on wargames differ in those different linguistic cultures. If I can help to even just marginally bridge these culture gaps and to propagate this, to me very fascinating hobby, further, I will have achieved unbelievably much.

A few words about me

In my youth, during the late 70s and early 80s of the last century, I was happily involved in the plastic-kit modelling hobby, which I rediscovered a couple of years ago.

In a modelling forum I stumbled across an article concerning the building of a diorama for a showcase piece for a gaming system called “Warhammer”, which peaked my interest. I then started to research on the Internet and have thus discovered the, until then to me completely hidden, world of strategic wargames.

I offered myself for Christmas a “starter-set” und am since painting the miniature models with ever growing enthusiasm. The wish not just to paint the models, but also to play with them, has also been growing stronger. Those are the reasons, why this blog has seen its birth.

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